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The Voice of Africa

from 12.00 h till 13.00 h


Obeh Anthony
, that is my name, the moderator
and presenter the Voice of Africa Radio
Dreyeckland FM 102.3 Mhz in Freiburg
south of Germany and also receivable in another frequency in Belgium.
Radio Dreyeckland is about 21 years in broadcasting but independent
and non-commercial radio.
The Voice of Africa RDL, every Saturday
from 12.00 h till 13.00 h here we give you news from Africa, tips on
Day To Day Life of Africans in Germany and Europe in general. Special
reports on political, economic situation in Africa, features on
cultural and social heritage with modern and traditional music.
most of you visiting this website, Africa is the second-largest of
the world's continents, a southward projection of the land mass which
constitutes the old world, surrounded by sea except where the isthmus
of Suez joins it to Asia. Divided almost exactly into two by the
Equator, the northern half is dominated by the Sahara desert while
Southern Africa is dominated by a central plateau.
The highest
peak is Mt. Kilimanjaro of about 5,895 m (or 19,340 ft.) and the
lowest point is Lake Assal in the Afar Depression of Djibouti. These
areas are very important for you to visit in Africa.
physical features includes the Great Rift Valley in the east, the
Atlas Mountains in the north-west, the Kalahari, Namib and Karoo
deserts in the south and the Nile, Congo (Zaire) Niger, Zambezi,
Limpopo, Volta and Orange rivers. On either side of the Equator, a
belt of dry savanna known as Sahel stretches across the entire
continent. Africa extends from RAS Ben Sekka on the coast of Tunisia
to Cape Agulhas at the southern tip of Cape Province, South Africa
and from Cape Han in the east to Cape Alamadies in the west.
with population of millions of people includes Cairo, Alexandra,
Kinshasa, Casablanca, Abidjan, Johannesburg, Algiers, Giza, Cape
Town, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Luanda, Lagos, Dar es salam, Ibadan,
Douala and Mogadishu.
The Continent was explored and partitioned
by European Nations in the second half of the 19th century. Liberia
and Ethiopia alone remaining under African rule. Since World War II
most of the former colonies have secured their independence but
decolonization has left a legacy of instability in most countries in
Africa today.
If you are from other continents outside Africa then
ask people of interest the areas you must visit in Africa before you
say Good bye!











The Voice of
Africa on RDL weekly programmes are arranged as follows:

is the Voice of Africa in French a
special presentation by Esso Adjuba
from Kinshasa, Congo.
Week two and
is spin round Africa by the
producer himself Obeh Anthony,
from Esan in Edo State Nigeria.
is special report with news and
music from Nigeria. Presentation, simple and correct English and
Pidgin English all by the producer and presenter Mr. Obeh
Anthony Adeba
The Federal Republic
of Nigeria, a Commonwealth Country on the coast of West Africa.
Bordered in the north by Niger Republic and Lake Chad, south by
Atlantic Ocean, in the east by Republic of Cameroun and in the west
by Republic of Benin.
Nigeria is more than 120 million people with
so many languages and that is the reason while I referred Nigeria as
micro of the macrocosm of Africa. But official language is English
and so many people speak Pidgin English like my grandmother.
main languages which you may have behind your mind are referred to as
Meaning "come" in old three divisions of Nigeria.
means come in Yoruba
means come in Hausa
means come in Igbo/Ibo
it is to Africa, visitors should make their contact well before
travelling to Nigeria. A fraudulent practice that has received wide
publicity is known as "419". It involves an offer to
transfer large sums of money or to sell crude oil with promises of
commission after up-front payments are made by the potential victim.
Note all papers from Central Bank of Nigeria to the signature of the
president of Nigeria might look genuine but they are fake. While
remaining on their guard against such practices foreign citizens
should also be aware that these scams do not represent Nigeria
business community at large.
It is also important to note that
just as we have a small group of Nigerians, who are involved in
white-collar crimes, there are also Americans, Europeans, Russians,
Asians etc. who connive, collaborate and conspire with the Nigerians
to achieve this "419" or sometimes even scam Nigerians too.
There are even phony lobbying agencies run by these white criminals
all over the world. So beware.
For more about Nigeria, go to
Nigeria News Net. Nigeria na wi own, make we join hands together to
make am better.
One Nation, one Destiny, one God.

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