Escape from Noise

Escape from Noise

Einige Inhalte sind aufgrund von GEMA-Beschränkungen leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

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Keine (all rights reserved)

(Die neue Musiksendung bei Radio Dreyeckland...)

The earth trembles with the sounds of slaughterhouses, strip mines, forest fires, forced labor, police sirens, artillery fire, and the muffled moans of human desperation. Is there any escape from noise? This show explores the music and ideas of experimental artists, in genres ranging between jazz, classical, electronic, pop, and the unclassifiable, following them in their divergent quests for human liberation.   This week, we investigate the music of accordionist and composer Pauline Oliveros, tape music pioneer and the creator of the practices of Sonic Meditation and Deep Listening. Has she discovered an escape from noise?