IKW2021: InterCultural Week 2021

InterCultural Week 2021


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The main team of the IKW2021 was composed of Alex Moepedi, Claire Désenfant, Ilona Müller, Jazz Zangue, Jenny Warnecke, Li-Li Yi, Lùcia Rolim-Schulz, Mzevinar Topadze, Rimon Chawa, Sagal Adow, Timm Köhler & Yin Lin .

The main organizor is Fairburg e.V but other organisations contributed Our Voice, Südwind Freiburg, Schwerelos, Samo.fa, Resqueship, Jos Fritz, Omas gegen Recht, Radio Dreyeckland, MigrantInnenbeirat, German African Insight and much more….

The 5th editition of Africa Day took place on Sunday October 3rd on the parking of Ewerk. This year, the event was bigger than in the past years. The new organisations joined Our Voice and Faiburg to create a memorable day. Organisations such as CAPOA ev, ACAF, German African Insight, IKPP were part of the crew and had their stands at the festival. The event was part of the Interkulturelle Wochen (Intercultural Week) 2021. Different musicians, dancers and groups contributed: D-Funk, Buya Afrika, Original Mystic Alpha, Dasnoop, Süduferchor, Blacka Blacka, Ismael, Swagga, the AfroDance Freiburg , Dj Chopperty, Dj Browncat, Seams Tribal, Amy’s B.World, Kidayo, Spielmobil Freiburg and much more. More than 300 Freiburgers came around to have fun and see african culture. Our reporters Romy and Arafat walked around and talked with some people who had their stands at the event. This is what they had to say.