International Week Against Racism: #SAY NO TO RACISM #RACISM KILLS



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The International Week Against Racism started from the 12 of March till the 2nd day of April, 2022. There are a lot of events that has taken place since 12th March, 2022. Our Listeners can read, listen and watch more events of the International Week Against Racism programs;

Racism is a kind of Attitudes and it spread like a disease these days.

 it starts mainly from how most parents and teacher raise our children in schools and homes. It is time, we train our children very well to respect and honour every person they come accross on their ways irrespective of their skin colour, Religious Group they belong to (Believes) and  where they are coming from. 

      From Africa, where I come from, we love, care, admire, and respect people and even respect people with different colours (Whites) more and honour them. We do this, not because we are afriad of them or we need anything from them. But we do this to show our torelance, Hospitality and appreciation to Creations in the world. We want the whites or other people with different skins to do same in returns in everywhere they are to make this world peaceful and loving place for everyone. 

     There has been many Generations and centuries of Racisms in this world, mostly (in the Europe and other Part of the world). We cannot continue this attitudes and extend it to our next generations anymore because there has been a lot of Civilizations in the world and there are more kind of civilisations coming to us everyday, so I ask myself when are we going to be civilize , when it comes to our attitudes towards other people ? when are we going to accept and torelate others religion, colour and culture?

     We cannot pretend that, we have not received a lot of Education and Civilisations about our attitudes towards others (Racism). This is the time to end it all. Don't pass on your racist attitude to others. Don't share your rasist attitude to the next Generations. #STOP RACISM NOW!!! #SAY NO TO RACISM NOW!!!, #RACISM KILLS MORE THAN WAR