Our Voice 'Die Stimme der Unsichtbaren': Our Voice Received an award for 'special commitment for refugees and against deportations'

Our Voice Received an award for 'special commitment for refugees and against deportations'

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On the 3rd December 2021, Our team received an award in stuttgart as the initiativpreis (Initiative Press) 2021. This award was necessary because it motivates our team to reachout to more projects that will enable Refugees and migrants in Germany and in Freiburg to be specific to get voice. 

This award was clear that, Our voice work hard in this year 2021 for 'special commitment for refugees and against deportations'. It is our goal and this award indicate it clearly that, our team, sponsors, Radio Dryeckland and the good people of Freiburg are really doing very well when it comes to Humanitarien issues concerning Refugees and Migrants as whole in Freiburg.

Apo, a team member in our voice received this award in Stuttgart on behalf of Our Voice and Radio Dryeckalnd. He expressed his enthusiasms for being part of this award and also receiving this award on our behalf.

He said, 'He is so thankful to all the management and workers of Radio dryeckland and our voice, andalso a big thank you to all our listeners and sponsors of all our projects and programs.

On Tuesday 7th December 2021, Our team visited and welcome some refugees infront of the lea in Freiburg. This is the main objective of the formation of Ourvioce in 2017. 

In this exercise, many refugees who came out to meet our team were so glad to see us around. Rufine, my colleague who is very fluent in French interacted with these refugees in French.

She explained to them about our work and also asked them to visit our radio anytime they want to do so. She also told them to contact Saga for consultations for free incase they gets any legal issues. These made many refugees who were out there with us so happy and gave them hope.