Our Voice 28.06.2017

Our Voice 28.06.2017

Einige Inhalte sind aufgrund von GEMA-Beschränkungen leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Our Voice’ Radio Show, the project dopped ‘Listen’ has finally produced its first edition on the 28th.6.17 from 16-17Uhr on Radio Dreyeckland in Freiburg.
In this maiden edition, we talked about the various aspects of the show that would be airing every second and forth Wednesdays of the Month from 16-17Uhr in Germany. In this one hour program you will be able to learn and know almost everything you are interested in the development of Migration and refugees in Freiburg and Germany at large.
Issues like Refugee situations, new laws implemented by Bundasarmt fur Migration and Fluchtlinge (BAMF). Integration into the German society, connections between Migrants and German society, News and the daily route in Germany especially new arrivals, tips and comments on social issues, Biographic and life interviews, etc.

*Interview mit Apo über Journalismus in der Türkei 9:55

*Was ist Flucht? Freiburger_innen sagen ihre Meinung. 2:58

*Und wer sind wir? Das Team stellt sich vor.
Mohammad 1:05
Nyima & Rufine 1:12
Rouby 0:36

* Über das Projekt Our Voice - Kollegengespräch

A short excerpt on the objective of the project ‘Listen’ on ‘Our Voice’ radio show @ Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg, in this short interview, you will hear from three of our presenters moderated by Rouby Traore, they talked briefly about the aims and objectives of the project and how others would be welcomed to joined the radio program.
Nyima Jadama and Rufine Songue has this to say briefly about the project and the radio show ‘Our Voice’ 5:45

*Data Journalism:
A short commentary by Nyima Jadama, who was at a recent day-long seminar on ‘Data Journalism’ on Digital Story-telling organised by Neun Deutsche Medienmacher and Google News Lab in Berlin. 12:41