Africa Day 2021: Live show with the new mobile studio

Live show with the new mobile studio

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Our Voice
The 5th editition of Africa Day took place on last sunday. This year, we had a new location: ERK Freiburg. We had new organisations coming on board and organising with us. A big thank you to FAIRburg e.V. which have been cooperating on this event since 2017 and making this possible. Thank you to the organisations CAPOA ev, ACAF, German African Insight, IKPP, Interkulturelle Wochen 2021.   Different musicians, dancers and groups contributed: D-Funk, Buya Afrika, Original Mystic Alpha, Dasnoop, Süduferchor, Blacka Blacka, Ismael, Swagga, the AfroDance Freiburg , Dj Chopperty, Dj Browncat, Seams Tribal, Amy’s B.World, Kidayo, Spielmobil Freiburg and all the others who were there. The rain couldn‘t stop our guests to come and have fun with us.
During the event, we had a live show with the new mobile studio by radio Dreyeckland.