Musikmagazin 16.01.16 Sichtexotica III & V.A. - 17 uhr

Musikmagazin 16.01.16 Sichtexotica III & V.A. - 17 uhr

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Sichtexotica III
Sichtexotica III
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The beat-series “Sichtexotica”, pressed on 10”-vinyl and elegantly designed by the Mainz-based graphic designer Mathilda Mutant: The japanese beatmaker-group, around Lidly, Tajima Hal, Yotaro, Linn Mori and more, is behind the “Sichtexotica III” project. In doing so, it is the first time that more than one solo artist places his beats on a compilation in this series. The special feature: The entire gang comes from Tokio and its sorrounding areas. 

The german-japanese beat-connection has developed over the past two years. Meanwhile, Anthony Drawn, the co-founder of Sichtexot, is closely connected by a productive friendship via internet to Lidly, who produced an LP in 2015 with the rapper Eloquent. In the beginning of the same year, Linn Mori released his sold out tape „Invisible Vision“ via Sichtexot. Furthermore, there are future projects planned with the Japanese beyond “Sichtexotica III”. The physical distance is just a side note, they are without a doubt on the same wavelength concerning vibe and musicality. The eleven tracks on “Sichtexotica III” from Lidly, Yotaro, Tajima Hal, Linn Mori, EmMu, Green Assassin Dollar und TiMT connects a common thread: the warm, atmospheric sound, always topped with samples and melodies, which cannot be found in Europe or the States. 


Zudem hört Ihr Musik von Negroman, Spaze Windu, Dr Jack Ill, Don Phillipe, Repete23 & Herr König


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