#8 From Robeson to Turner

#8 From Robeson to Turner

Einige Inhalte sind aufgrund von GEMA-Beschränkungen leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

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The OG Philly Cat aka Sir Reggie takes us 'back in time' in this episode of Voyage To Gandahar. You know he's been 'diggin' in the crates' (shout out to Diamond D) and dusting off classics by Paul Robeson, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis & John Coltrane.

"I'm obsessed with vintage music," he explains. "You can't really understand Hip Hop without adding the soul masters to the conversation. They laid the foundation for rap music to exist in the first place."

Today's reading features excerpts from Quincy Jones's autobiography "Q" (published by Doubleday in 2001).

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