Dub Kali Rootz 14.11.2016 22:30-00:00

Dub Kali Rootz 14.11.2016 22:30-00:00

Montag, 14. November 2016 - 22:30


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Dub Kali Rootz

Montag, 14.11.2016 22:30-00:00

Dub Kali Rootz Interview Series ''Freedom from the Press ure '' introduces Jenniffer Barrett. Bare bones and merciless, this vocalist has uncompromising style. Jennifer Barret introduces herself on the track ''Cut out the Hatred'' done in collaboration with Glasgow-based sound system and production unit Mungo’s Hi Fi. The interview series is about showing the many sides to the artist's story, and in this interview we present the colourful jig-saw puzzle that is Jennifer Barret - an artist, a Jamaican artist, a jamaican female artist, an actress, a singer, a comedian, and an historian. The artist is very present and human beyond fashion...