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Dub Kali Rootz ---Dub Transmissions is a flight into Freiburg's midnight sky across the Universe of Dub and Conscious Roots. Sounds of Dub in all Directions. Roots to Digi to Dub poetry. Where the Spoken Word is no token word.Timeless Dubs and Interviews...Home of the Interview Series:'' Freedom from the Press...ure!'' Kali as the female energy in Dub making everything Dub-kali, Musi-kali, Hearti-kali Fit!!


DJ DUB'KALI , hails from Kingston, Jamaica. Original female Dub DJ / Dub Poetess this side of the Atlantic...vibzing out of Freiburg, Germany. 






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Dub Kali Rootz

Dub Kali Rootz

Special Sendung Verschoben auf 14.11.2016/ 22:30-00:00

Dub Kali Rootz Interview Series ''Freedom from the Press ure '' introduces Jenniffer Barrett. Bare bones and merciless, this vocalist has uncompromising style. Jennifer...

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Dub Kali Rootz "Black Ark Sounds" 18.05. 22:30-00:00

91:53Flying the Jolly Roger high frequency  tonight on the Black Ark!

Dub Kali Rootz setting sail on oceans of Dub--- and if you don't

know what the Black Ark is--- more reason to Tune Eeen !

(not to be missed: anecdotes, interviews...

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Dub Kali Rootz 01.12."High Tide Dub 2" 22:30-00:00

More Dub explorations this week, Spoken Word, impulses and waves to set the week off High Tide!

Digital Steppaz outta London in Freiburg this week

(Sat.6.Dec White Rabbit) !Check it!

Bless up and Dub Down!

Montag 17.11.14

Dub Kali Rootz 17.11 22:30-00:00


Tide is high tonight on Dub'Kali Rootz ...

Putting the Bass in the right Place.

Some sound experiments and fine tuning .

Nuff Dub Love!!!

Montag 20.10.14

Dub Kali Rootz 20.10. "Tip your Dub Hats !" 22:30-00:00

dub hat

Tip your Dub hats into October!

Any move it takes Dubwise to keep the Sunshine Shining...

Special flavours from "Acker Dub", some streamlined Dub Classics, and Spoken Word -still no token word! Nuff Dub Love Seeen!?


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