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Dub Kali Rootz ---Dub Transmissions is a flight into Freiburg's midnight sky across the Universe of Dub and Conscious Roots. Sounds of Dub in all Directions. Roots to Digi to Dub poetry. Where the Spoken Word is no token word.Timeless Dubs and Interviews...Home of the Interview Series:'' Freedom from the Press...ure!'' Kali as the female energy in Dub making everything Dub-kali, Musi-kali, Hearti-kali Fit!!


DJ DUB'KALI , hails from Kingston, Jamaica. Original female Dub DJ / Dub Poetess this side of the Atlantic...vibzing out of Freiburg, Germany. 






Montag 08.11.21

Montag 11.10.21

Dub Kali Rootz : Rewind Fast Forward

Rewinding and fast forwarding for our future ancestors. Looking back 14 years on Dub Kali Rootz. Forward and beyond with some crushers from that progressive Dancehall crew and some Doo Wop adding more historical spice. Pure treat. Nuff Dub Love!  

Montag 27.09.21

Montag 30.08.21

Dub Kali Rootz "Lee "Scratch" Perry King of Dub has died. "

With Deepest Regret Dub Kali Rootz announces the passing of Lee"Scratch" Perry. He is the reason why Dub Kali Rootz is here at all. I'll take an exetended pause and pay him tribute on the 13.9

Lee Perry! Rest in Dub. Everlasting Peace and...

Montag 21.06.21

Dub Kali Rootz "Jump Blues and Jamaican Sound System Classics Pt.2"

Tonight on Dub Kali Rootz more of the hit tunes played on the original Jamaican sound systems. Jump Blues classics that shook America in the 50's and 60's and rolled over the airwaves and across the seas to Jamaica, inspiring a Soundsystem culture that would forever change the history of Jamaican music.This is the swank and skank lifting you off into the midnight hour. Tune Eeen!

Montag 07.06.21

Dub Kali Rootz Mo,07.06. 22:30-00:00/ "Jump Blues and Jamaican Sound System Classics"

Tonight on Dub Kali Rootz I'll be introducing you to some of the hit tunes played on the original Jamaican sound systems. Up tempo Blues and Rock and Roll that shook America in the 50's and 60's and rolled like heavy thunder over the airwaves and across the seas to Jamaica to establish a Soundsystem culture that would forever change the history of Jamaican music.This is the music that provided the main inspiration for Ska and all that followed! Tune eeen!

Montag 24.05.21

Dub Kali Rootz "Ladies First: Music and Motion"

More Fyah from Amsterdam into Dreams of Zion. Bad Gyals and Brown Sugar. We weren't made for this , Dub be Good to Me...unexpected selection of women's voices. Lyrically fit, positive and uplifting. From 1971- 2021!
Ladies first tonight, with new single from Scottish dub label Mungo's Hi Fi getting ready for some post Corona club sounds
Tune een...

Montag 10.05.21

Montag 26.04.21

Dub Kali Rootz "Ending up at the End of April"

Ending up at the end of April with more Dub , Love and Seafood in the pocket than we can handle. Sharing is caring! Tune Eeen to some of the Wild Bests and Rarified air !

Montag 29.03.21

Dub Kali Rootz "Sweet Souls Music"

Sweetest Beats for the soul from the heart of Dub Kali's
Extended Trip into the world of Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop!
Jamila Woods f/ theMIND and Jasminfire - Sub Ra
Swindle, Mahalia, Kojey Radical - Water
Anderson .Paak f/ André 3000 - Come Home

Montag 15.02.21

Montag 01.02.21

Montag 04.01.21

Montag 21.12.20

Montag 07.12.20

Montag 23.11.20

Montag 09.11.20

Montag 08.06.20

"Fed Up Rising!" by Dub Kali Rootz and Branches 08.06 / 22:30-00:00

Rocksteady Early Reggae, Electronic, Analog Global Sounds and more Futurisms
by Dub Kali Rootz and Branches.

"Nicht alles lässt sich ändern, aber nichts ändert sich von selbst. "
"On ne peut pas changer tout ce qu'on affronte, mais rien ne peut changer tant qu'on ne l'affronte pas"

Montag 11.05.20

Montag 27.04.20

Montag 13.04.20

Montag 30.03.20

Montag 02.03.20

Montag 17.02.20

Montag 03.02.20

Montag 20.01.20

Montag 09.12.19

Montag 14.10.19

Montag 30.09.19

Dub Kali Rootz Mo.30.9. 22:30 "Dubty Mout Gyal"

Dub Kali Rootz back in di stream, crafting up some tasty stuff: Foundational Dubs, Rockin' you steady and an Interview with the Rhythm Twins Sly and Robbie. Cuz the fun ain't done.Tune Eeeen tonight and enjoy at your own risk!

Montag 05.08.19


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