Musikmagazin 04.05.09 - 17 Uhr

Musikmagazin 04.05.09 - 17 Uhr


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Hauptthema der Sendung : Brother ALI - "The truth is here"

Ali's 2007 divine rap masterpiece, The Undisputed Truth,
was a theme album of sorts, taking us through the honest but
bittersweet tribulations of an adopted albino MC whose positivity and
talent carried him from poverty to proud working-class bliss.

This nine-track EP picks right up, with the MC who would rather die on
his feet than live on his knees, standing tall in the wake of his
ascent to the pinnacle of underground hip-hop. Once again, Atmosphere's
producer half, Ant, delivers beats that are decisively contemporary but
at the same time traditional enough for Ali to knock 'em down wild style.

And why shouldn't he break out his tightest throwback bass jumps
("Talkin' My Shit"), his orchestral gracelands ("Palm the Joker"), and
the sweetest piano loop since "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" ("Good Lord")? In rap
music right now there's nobody worthier of the opportunity to bless

Enjoy !