Musikmagazin 25.09.17 RobertWars & LazyKalle & VA - 17 Uhr

Musikmagazin 25.09.17 RobertWars & LazyKalle & VA - 17 Uhr

Einige Inhalte sind aufgrund von GEMA-Beschränkungen leider nicht mehr verfügbar.


Robert Wars & Lazy Kalle "Resample"
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Wax addicts


Heute gibt es wieder aktuelles und neues für Eure Ohren aus der Rap- und Beatmakerwelt...

Robert Wars & Lazy Kalle (Resample), Tek & AK 420 (The 8 - Vol.3), DJ Obsolete (Reminiscence), KUARTZ ( Koishiteru), Dude & Phaeb (Gravitation), Mr. Käfer (Travelin), HENTZUP (1993) T9 (Plastik aus Gold),  Philantrope (Clockwork) und ganz exclusiv als Vorgeschmack für die Show nächste Woche:

Hydrogenii (Next Heap of Sequences) - POSTPARTUM.




About „Resample“

LazyKalle, the Dresden/Leipzig based producer-trio joined up with Berlin-based producer RobertWars to show us their interpretation of LoFi instrumental hiphop. „Resample“ is the outcome of endless nights on their SP´s, Keyboards, Synths, MPC´s or any other equipment these guys could hook up in their production line. The efforts paid off, wax addicts records is proud to present an extremely wavy and laid-back instrumental hiphop album. 

About RobertWars & LazyKalle
RobertWars, the Berlin-based producer´s sound is classic and raw using mainly his SP and MPD. With previous appearances on beat tapes and productions for rap projects, we are certain to be hearing more from him in the future.
LazyKalle, the producer-trio comprising Dresden based producer LazyE, Leipzig based Vaddi Hartmann and MiLch are known for the authentic LoFi sound straight from the SP. With various appearances on beat tapes and projects among others, with the Leipzig based OBC Gang, they are now consequently releasing their first vinyl projects.