Musikmagazin 27.07.09. - 17 Uhr

Hauptthema der Sendung : Soulbrotha "Collectors Item"     big-button

Musikmagazin 27.07.09. - 17 Uhr


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Hauptthema der Sendung : Soulbrotha "Collectors Item"    

Here it is folks!

SOULBROTHA proudly presents the long awaited album
"Collector´s Item" on Chiefrocker Records available as a limited release from
may 2009!
Entirely produced by 12FINGER DAN and B-BASE from Hamburg/Germany the new album
bears allegiance to the classic hip hop formula and ideals.
As the culture has progressed into a industry, SOULBROTHA has remained untouched
and true to their love for the boom-bap-style hip hop.

Guest appearances and collaborations by DJ Premier, Craig G, Sadat X,
Blaq Poet, Mykill Miers, Finsta,
Nut-Rageous, Kev Brown only to name a few, will take the record over the top.
Each guest adds their own take on that sound and leaves the audience with a
truly classic album which can and will undoubtedly stand the test of time
amongst other classic hip hop records.