Deportation of Refugee and Migrants: Several Deportation of Refugee and Migrants in 2022

Several Deportation of Refugee and Migrants in 2022


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There has been several Deportations from Germany with Chattered Flight to Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and other African Countries.

Many of the deportees are women and children. also there are several awaiting deportations and many people has been arrested and kept in deportaion Prison.

It is clear that, due to the Passage of this awaiting new Laws, many people (Refugees) are giving their Identities to the Ausländerbehörde to be able to take advantage of the new law when it is passed. 

But one thing most people (Refugees) should know is that, Only people who already have stayed in Germany before 1st January, 2022 and has no criminal records including avoidance of Bus ticket penalties are qualified to apply. There are exact date and requirements that needs to be observed very well by Refugees and Migrants to know if they really qualify to apply for this one year stay when this law is passed. Yet, we don't know when this law will be pass.