Alan Skidmore Discografie

Alan Skidmore Discografie

Alan Skidmore Discography


Date        Artist                 Title                 Format                 Label


1965        John Mayall    John Mayall Bluesbreakers                 LP                 Decca SLK 4804

1965        Alexis Korner    Blues Incorporated                 LP                 Ace Of Clubs 1167 (Reissued on Polydor 1967)

1966        John Mayall    Looking Back        LP                 Decca 5010

1966        John Mayall    John Mayall/Eric Clapton   LP                 Decca 6/301220

1967        Brian Bennett   Change Of Direction                 LP                 Columbia SCK6144

1967        Eric Delaney                 Repercussion         LP                 EMI

1967/71/72                 Alan Skidmore                 NDR Jazz Workshop                 LP                 NDR 0654 96351

1968                 Surman/Skidmore   Jazz In Britain     LP                 Decca ECS 2114

1969        John Mayall    Looking Back        CD                 Deram 8203312

1969        Mike Westbrook                 Marching Song I      LP                 Deram SML 1047

1969        Mike Westbrook                 Marching Song 2     LP                 Deram SHL 1046

1969        Alan Skidmore                 Once Upon A Time                 LP                 Deram SDN 11

1969                 Champion Jack Dupree                 Scooby Dooby Doo                 LP                 Blue Horizon

1969        Sonny Boy Williamson                 Don't Send Me No Flowers   LP                 Marmalade 6060

1970        Michael Gibbs      Michael Gibbs Orchestra                 CD                 Deram 8449072

1970        Michael Gibbs                 Tanglewood 63       CD                 Deram 844906

1970        Nice                 Five Bridges Suite                 LP                 Charisma

1970        Top Topham                 Ascension Heights                 LP                 Blue Horizon

1970        Leon Franciola                 Nolilanga                 LP                 Evasion E109

1970        John Surman    How Many Clouds Can You See?                 LP                 Deram SMLRIO45

1970        Stan Tracey    Seven Ages Of Man                 LP                 Columbia SCX

1970        Mike Cooper    Trout Steel        LP                 Dawn DNLS3011

1970        Graham Collier     Songs For My Father                 LP                 Fontana 630906

1970        Alan Skidmore                 TCB                 LP                 Phillips 63060

1970        Michael Gibbs      Michael Gibbs Orchestra                 LP                 Deram SML 106S

1970        Rolf Kuhn       Going To The Rainbow                 LP                 BASF CRC 008

1970        Harry Beckett   Flare Up                 LP                 Phillips 63080

1970        Osborne                 Int.New Jazz, Altena                 LP                 JG Records 027/28

1970        Georgie Fame       Shorty                 LP                 Epic Bn26563

1970        Michael Gibbs                 Tanglewood 63       LP                 Deram SML 1087

1971        John Surman                 Conflagration         LP                 Dawn DNLS 3022

1971        Georgie Fame       Ali Shuffle    LP                 Island 6218a

1972        Volker Kriegel    Inside: Missing Link                 LP                 MPS Records, MPS 15.362

1974        Georgie Fame       Round Two        LP                 Island 6218b

1974        Michael De Albuerque                 We May Be Cattle But We …            LP                 RCA SF 8383

1975        Walker Brothers No Regrets    LP                 GTO GT42

1975        Skidmore-Osborne-Surman                 SOS                 LP                 Ogun OC 400

1975        Michael Gibbs      Chrome Waterfall Orchestra                 LP                 Bronze ILPS93

1975        Volker Kreigel    Octember Variations                 LP                 MPS 15495

1976        Ninesense                 Oh For The Edge                 LP                 Ogun OC900

1976        George Gruntz    The Band                 LP                 MPS DC229615

1976        Curved Air          Airbone                 LP                 BTM 1008

1976        Walker Brothers Lines - issued as a single Sept 1976                 LP                 GTO LP 014

1977        Ginger Baker      11 Sides Of Baker                 LP                 Mountain Topic5005

1977        Alan Elton Dean                 El Skid                 LP                 Vinyl 103H

1977        Ninesense                 Happy Daze       LP                 Ogun OG910

1977        European Jazz Quintet                 Live At Moers Festival                 LP                 Moers MUS 01018

1977        European Jazz Concensus                 Morning Rise         LP                 Ego 4006

1978        Walker Brothers Nite Flights     LP                 GTO

1978        Jan Frederych                 Faun                 LP                 Wergosm1102

1978        European Jazz Concensus                 Four For Slavia      LP                 EMI IC066

1978        Kate Bush       The Kick Inside      LP                 EMI EMC 3223

1978        George Gruntz    George Gruntz CJB                 LP                 MPS 0068 215

1978        European Jazz Quintet                 EJQ                 LP                 Ego 4012

1979        Skidmore-Oxley-Haurand                 SOH                 LP                 Ego 4021

1979        Good Old Circus     Interjazz 4              LP                 FMP SAJ 33

1979        Family Of Percussion                 Sunday Palaver    LP                 Nagra IC4561

1981        Skidmore-Oxley-Haurand                 SOH Live                 LP                 View VS 0018

1981        George Gruntz    Live At Quartier Latin                 LP                 MPS 0088 051

1981        George Gruntz    GGCJB                 LP                 Kenwood PAP25

1982        Alan Skidmore                 Jazzbuhn Berlin      LP                 Amiga 655987

1982        European Jazz Quintet                 EJQ                 LP                 Fusion 8010

1982        Third Eye                 Third Eye Live         LP                 View VS 0021

1983        Eje Thelin                 Polyglot                 LP                 Caprice CAP 1291

1983/2001                 John Mayall    John Mayall/Eric Clapton   CD                 Uptown/Universal

1984        Airto Moreira & WDR                 Airto's Brazillian Mass                 LP                 HM 663

1986        Charlie Watts Orchestra                 Live At Fulham Town Hall                 LP                 Columbia Fc40570

1987        Stan Tracey    Genesis                 CD                 SJ Records

1988        Alan Skidmore                 Tribute To Trane                 CD                 Miles Music 075 (reissued in Japan 2003)

1988        Peter King        Brother Bernard   CD                 Miles Music 076

1988        Alan Skidmore                 Tribute To Trane                 LP                 Miles Music 075

1988        Peter King        Brother Bernard   LP                 Miles Music 076

1989        Stan Tracey    We Still Love You Madly                 CD                 Mole Jazz 13

1989        John Mayall    John Mayall's Bluesbreakers                 CD                 Uptown/Universal

1989        Stan Tracey Orchestra                 We Still Love You Madly                 LP                 Mole Jazz 13

1990        Danny Thompson                 Elemental                 CD                 Antilles 6753

1990        Danny Thompson                 Elemental                 LP                 Antilles 8753

1991        Sonny Boy Williamson                 Don't Send Me No Flowers   CD                 Charly LIK80

1991        Nice                 Five Bridges Suite                 CD                 Virgin CD1014)

1992        Alan Skidmore                 East To West       CD                 Miles Music 081(reissued in Japan 2003)

1992                 Dedication Orchestra                 Spirits Rejoice    CD                 OGCD 101

1993        Colin Towns    Mask Orchestra                 CD                 TJL OO1CD

1993        Georgie Fame       Three Line Whip                 CD                 TLW 001

1994        Stan Tracey    Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall         CD                 Blue Note 7243831

1995        Georgie Fame       Name Droppin'                 CD                 TLW 003

1995        Van Morrison                 How Long Has This Been...     CD                 Verve 529136-2

1995        Ben Crossland                 Ben Crossland Quartet                 CD                 Jazzcat 101

1996        Van Morrison                 That's Life         CD                 Verve 576205

1996        George Gruntz    25 Years of GGCJB                 CD                 TCB 96602

1996        Colin Towns Mask Orchestra                 Nowhere and Heaven                 CD                 Provocateur PVC 1013

1998        Alan Skidmore                 After the Rain        CD                 Miles Music MMCD 084

1998        Georgie Fame       Walking Wounded                 CD                 Three Line Whip TLWCD 004

1998        Georgie Fame       The In Crowd     CD                 Motor Collector 555 509 2

1998        Peter Fessler    On Stage                 CD                 Minor Music MM 801070

1999        Colin Towns Mask Symphonic                 Dreaming Man with Blue Suede Shoes                 CD                 Provocateur PVC 1017

1999        Alan Skidmore featuring Amampondo                 The Call                 CD                 Provocateur PVC1018

1999        Estelle Kokot                 Alternative therapy                 CD                 Sayin Somethin SS001CD

2001        Colin Towns Mask Orchestra                 Another Think Coming                 CD                 Provocateur PVC 1028

2001        Georgie Fame                 Relationships         CD                 Three Line Whip TLWCD 005

2001        Alan Elton Dean                 El Skid                 CD                 Voiceprint VP230CD