Death Metal from Botswana: Overthrust meets Congreed- From Botswana to Freiburg

Overthrust meets Congreed- From Botswana to Freiburg

Last year Overthrust played their style of Old school Deathmetal at Wacken Festival. The band made it all the way from Botswana again this year to do their second European tour with the Freiburg-based band Congreed. We got a hold of both bands at Slow Club last month...

Overthrust's Fb message after arriving back in Botswana last week:

Hello world.We completed our 2017 European tour Yesterday and we are now back home (Botswana) safely.Thank you Germany and Netherlands for a very warm welcome and positive response ever.You rock the world.Thanks a lot to our brothers Congreed for the great tour and taking care of us.Thanks to our tour mangers ma Marcel.Manuel.Sascha and Domnic.We now working on our 5 track EP, Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest 2018, 2018 USA tour and Overthrust 2018 General plan.Hail to you all.We always appreciate your support, love you all and respect you.Salute.