Our Voice New Neighbours Show

Our Voice New Neighbours Show

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Our Voice has hosted media partners from spain slovenia and italy at radio Dreyeckland, as a follow up to the New Neighbours Community Outreach workshop held in siena last month.

The resolution taken at the workshop was to strengthen working relations and outreach programs amongst community media across europe.

Our partners Valentina Rajakovic and Antun Katalenic from Radio Student in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Xela (Maria Gracia) Falgueras-Bosch and Manel Calbet from Radio Televisio Cardedeu in Catalonia (Spain) and Nicoletta Manzini from Mondinsieme Intercultural Centre, Reggio Emilia (Italy) were with us from October 20th to 23rd and we worked together to produce a radio show that giving different views and adding a multi cultural flavor to our voice.

This action is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.