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Siv Jakobsen

Die norwegische Indie-Folk-Musikerin Siv Jakobsen ist zurück mit ihrem neuen Album ‚A Temporary Soothing‘. Die erste Single ‚Fear the Fear‘ greift zentrale Themen des Albums wie Angstgefühle und Veränderungen auf und soll laut Jacobsen vor...

Escape from Noise

(Die neue Musiksendung bei Radio Dreyeckland...)

The earth trembles with the sounds of slaughterhouses, strip mines, forest fires, forced labor, police sirens, artillery fire, and the muffled moans of human desperation. Is there any escape...

AfroWaves Radio #August 2020

AfroWaves Radio is home to afropop in Freiburg. Through artist spotlights, interviews and good old-fashioned music radio, our aim is to serve up the latest and hottest popular music from across the African continent. We also wish to strengthen the network of Africans and people of African descent living in SW Germany, with local news, tips and upcoming events.