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studio guests

Moussa from Niger, Larry from Nigeria and Moussa from Gambia the potential newcomers in Our Voice were Rufine Songue's guests in Radio Drayeckland's "Our Voice" show. The feeling of frustration after the rejection of their request for...

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Meet and Feed Information

Meet and Feed Information about Work perspectives for refugees in Germany/ Meet and Feed Information über Jobsmöglichkeiten für Geflüchtete in Deutschland

Am 7. Februar fand die zweite Sitzung von „Meet and Feed Information“ statt, ein...

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Unemployment in Gambia


Gambia, a small West African country large of 11,300 km2, is certainly the African country that has been the most emptied of its youth in the last 10 years. Led by Adama Barrow since 1st December 2016, the Gambia counts According to...

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