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Escape from Noise

This month on Escape From Noise we dip our toes for the first time into the world of song, with the idiosyncratic, enigmatic, erratic, enthusiastic, geriatric bard of Nuremberg, Dan Reeder. We try to consider how pop songs can internalize...

Episode 2: Colourful Culture

Colorful Culture podcast, once a month an artist is invited to a studio talk and provides their music before, plays live and tells their personal story. The people have a migration or refugee background and are living here in Freiburg. The...

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Palace Winter - Keep Dreaming, Buddy

Sänger Carl Coleman im Interview mit Eva


Der Titel des neuen Albums, "...Keep Dreaming, Buddy", ist von einem Dualismus durchdrungen, der die gesamte Platte bestimmt. "Keep Dreaming, Buddy", könnte dich ein*e Freund*in beruhigen und...

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"Elastic Minds in Quarantine": Dialogischer Rundgang, virtual tour Regionale 21 im E-WERK Freiburg, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst

Elastic Minds in Quarantine. Bilingual program and Interview series. Travels in sound and space.
Overview of socio-cultural experiences in Quarantine in Freiburg.

Heute: Online-Format der Regionale 21 #Another day in Paradise | Songs from the end of the world.Galerie für Gegenwartskunst. E-WERK, Freiburg. Dialog Rundgang, virtual tour des Regionale 21 in E-WERK Freiburg.
Künstler*innen: Nadine Cueni, Daniel Dressel & Lynne Kouassi, Jasper Mehler, Paula Mierzowsky & Johann Diel, Björn Nussbächer, Julian Salinas, Lea Torcelli, Florian Thate, Emeka Udemba, Jodok Wehrli
Ausstellungsdauer: Sa 5.12.2020 – So 07.02.2021
Fotos:Marc Doradzillo, Daniel Dressel & Lynne Kouassi

Musik : Shalemoar/ Eijra Woon

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