Our Voice special International women's day

Our Voice special International women's day

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Yesterday was international women‘s day 2022. Women in the whole world were celebrating, some went on strike, others organized protests and made their living conditions but also their fights visible. In Freiburg, around 4,000 people took over the streets. They gathered at the Old Synagogue Square and raised awareness on the diverse struggles of women and their demands. Participants of the protest expressed their solidarity, sympathy and anger about what is happening to women, children and their husbands in Ukraine right now. They also criticized racism, sexism and discrimination of all kinds. The protest was organized by the "FLINTA* Alliance". This includes women, lesbians, inter-, trans-, non-binary and agender people.

In this program, we will have:

- A talk between Mahtab from Migrant Mom‘s mic, Yumn from diversity media, Pauline from Newcomernews and Rufine from Our Voices on sentences that women often hear but which they don't like.

- A talk between Rufine, Rouby, Aminata, Edwige and Barkissou about the role of the migrant and refugee woman in her new environment (in french)

- Voices of feminists from South Africa, Cameroon, India, Iran, Chile, Pakistan and Syria on the question: How can intersectional feminism contribute in solving social injustices and global crises?

Tune in, at 4pm.